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 Fly By Night Playlist

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PostSubject: Fly By Night Playlist   Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:31 pm

Okay, I thought a fun thing to do for each book is come up with a playlist of music to go along with each book, similiar to what Stephenie Meyer always does with her novels. So while you're reading if anything reminds you of a song, or fits the lyrics perfectly, jot it down here. I love playlists built around books! I have all the ones from the Twilight books (although I really hate Linkin Park and am astounded Stephenie Meyer loves them!).

For Mosca and Clent and Saracen, here's my playlist suggestions:

~A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay (for when Mosca is running away after rescuing Clent and burning down her uncle's barn.)

~And Your Bird Can Sing by the Beatles (Saracen's song)

~Smooth Operator by Sade (Clent's song)

and as this idea just now popped in my head I will come back and post some more songs when I've had time to think of it.

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Fly By Night Playlist
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