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 Technology is EVIL!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Technology is EVIL!!!!!!!!   Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:40 am

So incase you haven't already heard this is what is going on with my internet drama.
My computer is fried. I don't know how and I don't know why but it is Twisted Evil ing fried!!!
And it is the only connection I have to get onto the internet.
(right now I am babysitting, so instead of watching the kids I am writing my posts Wink )
So any news that you need to get through you'll just have to call me directly. And if I don't get on all to much this next month, I do apologize. It is important to me to stay active with the book club but it will just take a while to get the whole computer thing figured out. Aaron, Kate's husband, will be in town in a few weeks and I think we are going to try to just restart the whole thing. So cross your fingers and hope that that works!!!

Peace out, and I hope to be back soon.
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Technology is EVIL!!!!!!!!
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