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 The Emmy's

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PostSubject: The Emmy's   Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:51 pm

Okay, so at the present time I do not have a computer outside of my time spent at work. So it will be quite sometime before I have the ability to create my own blog. Although I have enjoyed reading both of yours. So in the mean time I will have to continue ranting about movies and tv shows via the BOOKclub site.

I found that as I age I am less and less interested in award shows. I remember when I was younger being fascinated by the Oscars, counting down to the VMA's, and placing betts against my sisters using handfulls of m&m's on who would win the mtv movie awards. I remember in highschool watching Edward Norton loose his oscar for American History X to that guy from Life is Beautiful and vowing to never watch Life is Beautiful until Edward Norton himself gave me his permission. A vow I have yet to break Cool
But as I have gotten older I find the award shows to be boring and the wrong person always wins. Every acceptance speech is the same and even the dresses aren't enough to grab my attention.
However, this year Neil Patrick Harris was hosting the Emmy's. I love Neil. I had such a crush on him when he was Doogie Howser and I remember sitting in Amanda's living room watching him as Dr. Horrible dance and sing with Penny in that opening number and realizing that even though I knew he was gay my schoolgirl crush was being rekindle.
(However, is anyone really that shocked that I would have a crush on a gay guy Wink )

Neil's opening number was perfection. He really is just so talented. He sang this song about all the shows that was kind of a big band jazz number kind of song. You could tell that everyone was enjoying it. I loved it.
Then I pulled out a book and started reading through the rest of the night. I mean I had the show on in the background and I would look up when Neil or anyone else I cared about was on. But I read through the acceptance speeches and the commercials. So in the end I made it through the whole show.
The one and only person that one that I was rooting for was the girl from Pushing Daisy's. Which is funny because I only saw one episode of that show, but I new her from West Wing, one of my all time favorite shows, so I wanted her to win. And she was so sweet because she got up there and cried the whole time. When they were showing the nominees for that catagory all the girls were wearing funny glasses. Which was really funny and when the girl from Pushing Daisy's won she mentioned in her speech that it was Amy Poehler's idea. But when they showed Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty she just looked dead in the camera and mouthed the word "no". Now I don't know if that was staged or not but it made her look like a bitch. She also looked liked she had gained 50lbs but if she hadn't of been such a bitch about the glasses thing I probably wouldn't have mentioned it.
Another shout out to a the West Wing alumni, Elizabeth Moss was nominated for her role in Mad Men, I was rooting for her because she played Martin Sheen's daughter on West Wing, but alas she didn't win.
Neil Patrick Harris didn't win for HIMYM, that award went to John Cryer. Obviously Neil was my first choice but if he didn't get it I wanted John to because I loved Pretty in Pink although I don't really watch Two and a Half Men. Plus, Neil spent his next segment pretending he was all pissed off that he lost, saying it was rigged.
At one point they did a gag where Dr. Horrible and Captin Hammer took over the broadcast that was hilariouse. Really it was pretty funny but it was just so good to see all of them back. It was mostly just Horrible and Hammer but Penny and the guy is was moist popped their heads in for a second. Of course seeing them all together just fuels the craving for an Act 4 to the internet blog.
30 Rock was nominated for pretty much every catagory. There was even one catagory where every one of the nominees was someone from their show except one which was a guy from Flight of the Concords. Okay I know I risk loosing a lot of friends with this next statement, but I don't get 30 Rock. Don't think I haven't tried I have watched it before and I remember some parts that were kindof funny, but nothing that had me laughing that loud or wanting to come back for more. It is a fine show but I don't see how it is really that deserving of all the attention it has been recieving. By the end of the night my desperatly wishing that anyone other than someone from 30 Rock would win the awards was to no avail and they pretty much won them all.
It is always a touching moment when they honor those who passed on the past year. However I was distracted pondering over Sarah Mclachlan's career. I mean the last two times I have seen her on tv, which were both fairly recently, she has been performing songs she released a decade ago. I mean is her career pretty much over at this point? I mean is she going to do anything new at all ever agagin? I mean it's not like I was ever a die hard fan or anything but she is an artist who was extremely talented so it is just kind of sad to see that there is a possibility she is already done.
Okay so this posting has gotten to be rather long and my manager just called to say he is on his way to come and pick up my deposit and make my bank run for me so I had better look like I've been working by the time he gets here.
I'll try to check back in later since the other girl I work with called in sick today.
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PostSubject: Re: The Emmy's   Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:43 am

You should watch the valentine's episode of 30 rock. It's my absolute favorite. And anything will Salma Hayek is golden.
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The Emmy's
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