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 Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror

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PostSubject: Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror   Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:15 pm

I've been immersed in the book blogging community for almost two weeks now, and I've stumbled upon many wonderful book suggestions- I now keep two journals- one listing the books I've read and a separate on to list all the books I want to read. While looking around for a good ghost story, but nothing too violent for our friend Bittner, I came across Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, and honestly, the name was enough for me. The fact that it's illustrated by David Roberts who obviously graduated from the school of Ed Gorey doesn't hurt one bit.

So here's the summary from Amazon:
Quote :

This spine-tingling, thrill-packed novel has more than enough fear-factor for the most ardent fan of scary stories. Uncle Montague lives alone in a big house, but regular visits from his nephew, Edward, give him the opportunity to recount some of the most frightening stories he knows. As each tale unfolds, it becomes clear that something sinister is in the air. From the account of a curious boy who intrudes on Old Mother Tallow’s garden to a shy girl’s ghostly encounter during an innocent game of hide and seek, a pattern emerges of young lives gone awry in the most terrifying of ways. Young Edward begins to wonder just how Uncle Montague knows all these ghastly tales, and ultimately discovers that his mysterious uncle’s life has a darker side than he ever imagined. This cleverly wrought collection of stories-within-a-story by Chris Priestly is perfectly matched in darkly witty illustrations by David Roberts

It's a children's book, so I'm anticipating a quick read (I had to order it last week from Barnes and Noble but it came in today. I am done with ordering off Amazon if it's something I want quickly).

This month I'll be reading lots of thriller and chillers like Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill- son of Stephen King, and The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, and re-visiting favorites like The House With The Clock In Its Walls by John Bellairs and It by Stephen King. I just finished Many Bloody Returns- a bunch of short stories but one in particular featured my vampire lover Eric in a funny tale, and Identical by Ellen Hopkins, which is a very disturbed look at the damages of family secrets. What other books are you all reading, and what do you think of our selections for this month?

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Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror
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