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PostSubject: ANY BODY OUT THERE!?!   Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:07 pm

Hey Ladies!

Well, it is now December! Actually we have already missed the first week of December. But oh well santa
It was nice taking a break for November. It was the first time that our bookclub has decided to skip a month which was a tough call to make. But I am glad that we did it so that Kate and I could focus our attention on NaNoWriMo.
NaNoWriMo was such a great expierence! Writing a novel is tough work and so I think the exercise of trying to write them ourselves is a great activity for a bookclub to endevour.
I really cannot explain it in a mannor that would do NaNoWriMo justice but let me just say that I am so glad I joined this year and that it really was such a rewarding experience.
I loved being a part of the write-ins and I feel that I have now made solid friendships with four people I would not have known otherwise.
NaNoWriMo also sponcers "Script Frenzy" which is in April and instead of writing a 50,000 word novel they write a 100 page script. Now, I was not really thinking about joining Script Frenzy this year but now that NaNoWriMo is completed, I am really starting to think that there may be some benefits to the exercise of writing scripts. Just as a different creative outlet. Like a ballett dancer that takes a jazz class just to learn a different expression of their art. Our NaNoWriMo leader, Ilya, has said on many occasions that he was not really into writing scripts either but he joined to support a friend, and that the expeirence taught him a lot about simplifying his own writing and understanding the concept of "showing" the audience something as opposed to "telling" the audience something.
Any way, now that it is December though, I was hopeing we could redirect our attentions back to Midnightbookclub. Currently, I am reading "The Count Of Monte Cristo". It is a freaking long book (my copy is 1497 pages affraid ) I am on page 250 right now and would like to finish it by Christmas. But I do think I will be able to add another book to my reading list for the month, granted that it is not too terribly long.
So I would like to hear what you guys are reading.

Also, I was thinking that it might be time to discuss the one thing that we are not supposed to discuss. But I would like to get your feedback so I am going to put it out on the table.
And that would be the discussion of ending our bookclub. Sad
Let me start by saying that I have loved this book club so much. I am so grateful to be a part of it and I know that it has been, maybe not the only or main reason, but at least a deffinate aid, to maintaining the friendships I have with both Kate and Amanda after they both moved away from me.
All that I am thinking is that, the bookclub has not grown as much as we would have liked when we first sat out to start the club. Our sight does get neglected from time to time. I am the worst so I will take full blame. Embarassed
I haven't even finished "Tales of Terror" or that Woodpecker book. And even though I read Catching Fire I forgot to get on and leave my post about it. And now that that was almost two months ago I don't really remember a lot of what my thoughts were and so would need to glance back through the book before writing something.
I know that Kate has joined a bookclub called BookEnd Babes. Ame and some of the girls from our NaNoWriMo write-ins were talking about joining it as well. And I know that Amanda, with her moving and now managing at Dillards...
I am just thinking that it might be a good idea, since all of our situations have changed since the group was first started, that it might be a good idea to re-evaluate where we all are. I am willing to go as long as you guys are. But I would like us to go out, whenever that may be, on a good note and not just fade and die. Also, if there is any talk of quitting soon. I would like for us to make it to April. Just so that way we can say that we went a good solid two years!
Like I said, I don't think we should quit now nor do I want to quit now. I just wanted to put these thoughts out on the table to see where you guys were.
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PostSubject: Re: ANY BODY OUT THERE!?!   Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:08 am

I need to be told to read something. Right now I've just got fashion magazines and books on how to hire the right people. They're full of good info, and new hairstyles, but I need me some fiction! Or just something not job related.
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PostSubject: Re: ANY BODY OUT THERE!?!   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:13 pm

Sorry! I got off track in November with Nanowrimo, and didn't get back on board. I have been reading lots and lots though. I started a book blog, I wrote 3/4ths of a crappy novel, and I started a book club here in VA, and next month I'm going to try to write a script for Script Frenzy. I miss our online book club though!

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PostSubject: Re: ANY BODY OUT THERE!?!   

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