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 well, it's feb

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PostSubject: well, it's feb   Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:06 am

So i've been trying not to spend money since discovering that i can fit into bcbg clothes and spent alot on them even though they were on a pretty good sale. and i had to have 2 dresses because they made me look like adele dewitt on dollhouse. anyways, the clothes are awesome, but i'm on a budget that i keep forgetting exists. and like i'm going to return those clothes; good one Wink so i've been doing pretty well since then, especially since i work at a clothing store. I got some free things for my birthday, which helped my urges. the only thing i've bought at dillards that will go on this month's statement are some shoes (to go with the dewitt outfit for a district manager visit), a jacket to go over the dress (from bcbg) and more recently some heavily discounted makeup brushes, all of this totaling around $90. So that's not bad.

And then comes today. I had the day off and hadn't really intended on leaving the apartment, but one of my manager friends got back from a short vacation so I went up to see her. Since I work at a mall there are other stores, two of which are express and the limited. Well, I need pants since some of mine are really baggy. Not a bad thing, but it looks sloppy, especially when my boss keeps talking about how we, as a store, need to be more fashionable. Which if you see these most of the people, yeah, we do. So I say to myself, ok, I'll just go get pants. Well there's crap on sale that I look at. Some of it fits. When you take in 50 pieces of clothing, odds are some of it will fit. I find some shirts I like from express. I find pants and more shirts and the limited. So today I spent $200 on clothes. I don't regret having the clothes, just that i spent money on them. And at the limited, I got a card since they gave me 30% off just for being a student. Totally worth it though, it saved me at least $30.

So that's my story of no matter what I tell myself, I don't have the willpower to resist buying more clothes and more things in general. I do okay for a little while, but in the end, I buy more. I am determined to stick to only spending $100 maximum at Dillards each month, and that's going well so far. Also, that's the only place I consisitently buy clothes from. I do get a discount there. I haven't been to places like ny&company since last summer, same for ann taylor loft. I've only been to anthropolgie once, also I loved it. I know I'd go bankrupt there if I ever went back. I do want to though. My boyfriend doesn't understand why I keep buying things, but he only buys clothes once or twice a year. He thinks I should set a $100 limit for every 3 months. Good luck with that. I don't know what I can do, or even if I want to do anything. Again, I like having the clothes, i just don't like spending my money. And right now, I see this as a never ending battle.
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well, it's feb
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